Do you want $30 or $75 of free 'NUGGLES product? 

You and your friends can save 20% when you place a Group Order together. The Organizer of the Group Order will receive a $30 or $75 Discount Code valid for FREE 'NUGGLES product. The value of the discount is based on the total order value. Please see line sheet here for additional details. 

If you are in Canada, please click here for line sheet.


To become a Group Order Organizer:

1. Click here to create an account. Or if you already have an existing account, login here.

2. Click here to send us an email to request Group Order pricing to be added to your account. Or send us an email at


Please note: Once a group order status has been added to your account, you will not be able to utilize that account to make regular priced purchases nor can you use any additional (non-group order) discount codes or promotions advertised for our regular retail customers. If you still wish to take advantage of regular promotions and regularly priced items outside of group orders, please set up a separate "Group Order" account.