Jaxon left us on Valentines Day 2019. While we still grieve our loss, we find hope and peace in making his story go on even if he isn't physically present. 

On July 15th, Jaxon's birthday, we will once again launch our Jaxon Plaid Fundraiser with limited edition T-Rex Tees, Essential 3/4 Tees, 31" T-Skirts, and Mens' and Boys' Ties. All the proceeds from their sale will be donated directly to our beneficiary family.

Jaxon Collection HERE (active July 15th)

If you would like to make an additional donation to this family, please use the below contact info to send money directly to them thru CashApp.

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2022 Beneficiary Dylan Corcoran

Jaxon Plaid Beneficiary Dylan Corcoran

Dylan Corcoran is the 11 year old son of Matt and Jasmine Corcoran. He’s from Lake View, AL. He loves all things sports, is an incredible drummer and part of the music team at his church, and loves a good board game. He’s headed in to the 6th grade and has hoping to be the quarterback of his youth football team again in the 2022 season.

On June 10th Dylan woke up with several swollen lymph nodes. We were headed on a family vacation to Orlando, FL in 12 hours so we headed to the doctor’s office to get a quick remedy to what we thought would be a sinus infection or random virus. In a whirlwind of incomplete blood work and vague answers, we were directed to Children’s Hospital Emergency Department to get more thorough blood work for what we then hoped was mono.

After a few hours Dylan was admitted to the hospital to undergo more intense testing. On June 15th it was confirmed that he had B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Wasting no time, an intense amount of information was thrown our way regarding his treatment which started June 16th.

He’s now on a once to twice weekly chemotherapy regiment for the next nine months, followed by another 2 years of maintenance chemotherapy, provided his body responds well to the first regiment. (IN JESUS’ NAME, IT WILL!)
Dylan had never taken much more than children’s Tylenol and the occasional seasonal allergy medication.


He’s now on upwards of 7 pills a day and insulin as the result of steroid induced diabetes.

The most amazing thing is he’s got such a beautiful outlook on life. Every night he’s remind us it’s “one less day til we’re through this”.

Upon diagnosis, while we were in a time of prayer, he began to thank God for the doctors and nurses that were going to help him. After one of his treatments while he was extremely sick from side effects of the chemo, we decided to list things he was thankful for to help us from getting too down in the dumps.

The first thing he thanked God for was his parents, and the second thing was all of the people praying for him. He said, “I’m thankful for all of the people praying for me because it’s helping because this could be a lot worse.”

This world truly doesn’t deserve Dylan.