Jaxon left us on Valentines Day 2019. While we still grieve our loss, we find hope and peace in making his story go on even if he isn't physically present. 

On July 15th, Jaxon's birthday, we launched our Jaxon Plaid Fundraiser. All our items sold out in a little over 24 hours. Because of their sale, we were able to send $1,500 to each of our beneficiary families.

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Beneficiary #1: Jeffie


Jeff McCoy Jr. (AKA Jeffie) has been fighting multiple diseases and issues since he was only one. Initially, his immune system was attacking his liver, and Jeffie was jaundiced with seronegative autoimmune disease. His immune system was aggressively attacking his liver. Jeffie did months of steroids and immune suppressants to help calm his immune system.

A few months passed, and we thought Jeffie was okay. Then his liver and his blood cells were both being attacked by his immune system. Jeffie has been doing treatments for over two years, and that has been unsuccessful. Now four years old, Jeffie’s last hope is a bone marrow transplant. We have not found an exact match for Jeffie, so I, his dad, will be his donor. Since I am only a half match, Jeffie will have to undergo additional radiation and risky treatments to help with the transplant. We believe Jeffie’s transplant will go well, and he can live a full life.

Jeffie’s home is in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and he lives with his Mom, Dad, 2-year-old Sister, and a new baby on the way.


Beneficiary #2: Remington

Since summer of 2020, Remington began having random dizzy spells that would render him so weak he was unable walk.

It started one night during church music/praise team practice. He was walking and randomly fell into the wall and was unable to stand up or walk for 30 mins after that. They became more common, with his head pulling to the right and would begin shaking.

We had several ER visits, scans, labs, etc.. everything was always “normal”.
Until Sunday morning, December 13th, he had another spell. Only this time, it wasn’t passing. He became cold and clammy, very lethargic, started clenching his fists and pulling his feet upward and began vomiting as his eyes rolled back in his head. After a scary few minutes, I called 911. He was transported to LeBonheur, where little did we know our lives would forever be changed.
It took him a solid 8+ hours to snap out of this “episode”. He wouldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, continued to vomit and was still very lethargic. After hours of tests, a lot of DRs talking back and forth, another head CT that came back “clear”, they almost sent us home with a diagnoses of “infant vertigo”.
Just dizzy spells, right?

They finally decided to do a brain MRI the next day, December 14th, just in case. I will never forget the DR walking into the room where I stood alone waiting while he was in MRI, and her telling me that they were extending his MRI, and that he would in fact NOT be going home like they had initially thought... and she left it at that.

A couple hours later, the same DR returned with about 6 other nursing staff as support. They sat me down and explained to me that they had found a lesion (aka tumor) on his brain/spinal cord and that we would need to stay the remainder of the week for further testing, but would then be referred to specialists at St. Jude for treatment plans.

Talk about feeling like the earth just got ripped from beneath your feet. Feels as though you’re floating in air and everything is fuzzy. Also, his “episodes” were finally confirmed to be seizures from the pressure of the tumor. They kept us in LeBonheur for a few more days where we had a lot more tests ran and they eventually did a biopsy on the 17th to test the tissue to see what kind of tumor we were looking at.

He was officially diagnosed with a Ganglioglioma- a slow growing, brain tumor.
It is in his left cerebellum, it infiltrates into his brain stem, and down his spinal cord to his C2.. therefore, inoperable.

Longer story short, he has been a St. Jude patient since the week after Christmas 2020. Where he has been undergoing a lot of testing, blood work, research, and lots of scans.

We are trying to find the best option as far as treatment is concerned, seeing as how operation is not an option. He has had another MRI come back showing a little bit of growth. So.. we have decided to be aggressive with treatment before it gets completely out of hand. Everyone is kind of backed to a wall because of its location, and being inoperable.

We have had trial runs with different kinds of chemotherapy, having allergic reactions to some, and starting over at square one.

He is now undergoing a different kind of treatment in hopes that this will shrink the tumor, and put a stop to any growth in the future. Right now everything is trial and error,  but we have been given a promise for a miracle.. and with that we are holding on to faith and hope!

We know who holds our tomorrow.


B️eneficiary #3: Ayden

My name is Jennifer and my son is Ayden. Ayden was a happy 1 year old until one day he got sick. We didn’t know why. We thought he was sick with a cold. But when we saw it was going and coming even after giving him medicine, we had to take him to the hospital.

On August 15, 2020, at 6am my now 2 year old son Ayden was diagnosed with leukemia. That day was devastating for our family. He is now getting treated for this. We hope and pray he wins this fight.