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Which "-Vert" Are YOU?

Which "-Vert" Are YOU?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As I’ve mentioned, I am in a psychology class this semester. It is by far my favorite class! I bring the things I’m learning into conversations all of the time, so much so that when I say something like, “You know, I was reading…” my boyfriend automatically assumes that I’m talking about Child Development. Oops 😊

A couple of weeks ago in the College & Career 101 workshop at Lighthouse Christian Academy, I taught a class on one HUGE aspect of psychology: personality.

FYI – Mr. Nuggles himself is the administrator there and does a fabulous job! *clap*

Anyway! If you’ve never taken a personality test, YOU SHOULD. I agree that everyone is a unique individual and can’t be shoved into a box, but broad categories never hurt anybody. You would be totally surprised to read the description and realize that it is a lot like you. 😊 If you’d like to take the test, CLICK HERE!

The first scale in the personality test is referred to as the Mind scale, with categories almost everyone has heard of – extroverts, introverts, and the lesser spoken of ambiverts. Many associate the “verts” with how outgoing and excitable (extroverted) or how shy and reserved (introverted) someone is. However, this is often not the case at all!

I’m sure there are those of you who have taken the test out there and wondered why on earth it said you were introverted, because you really do love being with people! The truth is, introverts can be “people” people as well.

The biggest difference between an introvert and an extrovert is how much environmental stimulation is required. However, introverts are more sensitive to stimulation (sights, sounds, interactions with people and things), so they become exhausted by their surroundings. Obviously, this happens more quickly with some introverts than with others. However, once they hit this point of exhaustion, they simply want to go home and rest.

For extroverts, external stimulation is needed for them to function and perform well. They want to engage with everything and everybody, and desire feedback! Often, they are more energetic and lively in social situations, often taking the lead in group discussions or dinner-table conversations. Again, this level of energy varies from individual to individual.

Then there’s the less commonly prescribed ambivert, which is simply a mix of the two. These individuals usually have the best (or worst? Ha) of both worlds! Though it is somewhat unpredictable when they will display which preference, ambiverts can be the life of the party one day, and immensely enjoy a day at home alone the next. See? Best of both worlds.

So, which “vert” are you? Comment on the blog or the IG post and let us know!

Until next time,