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Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects

Hi all!

We've been quiet on our blog for a while... we've been busy (ain't we all). Today, I wanted to share with you one of my latest projects. And no, the baby isn't one of them. 


This gorgeous baby belongs to Tasha, Nuggles Customer Service Rep. Chances are, if you have ever called Nuggles, you have talked to Tasha. 


The blanket he is wrapped up in has a slightly crazy story. It was gifted to him by his Aunti Chan. I hope every time he snuggles down in it, he knows how much he is loved.


But while it is now his blanket, it was started in 2016 in anticipation of the birth of my own son. 

As a lot of projects go, I started with great intentions. It would be done before my son was born. But after messing up the instructions and finding the blanket a wonky mess, I gave up. It got wrapped up and stored with my sewing stuff. 


Fast forward to 2020. I think we can all agree 2020 was a little on the crazy side. For me, the struggle of raising children, being a good wife, and running a business comes with intense pressure.

Compound on top of that the pressure we internalize from social media and external circumstances that are out of our control. Realizing that the pressure I was facing was not healthy, I decided to substitute my social media consumption with something else... an unfinished project. 


Pulling out that unfinished blanket and looking at all my mistakes, I had to make a decision. Either I could go with it and work my mistakes into a masterpiece, or  I could pull it all out and start over. 

Knowing that there is beauty in the ugly and messed up, I kept it. Throwing out the instructions, I made it my own. Sometimes, as I would crochet around, I would have to improvise stitches to cover up all my previous mistakes.


If you look close, you might find several double crochet stitches followed by a string of triple crochet before converting back to double crochet. That would of never happened on a perfect project. But it helped me square up that wonky mess. 


Each time I was tempted to pick up my phone to check the latest news or social media post, I instead grabbed my crochet needle and worked a few more stitches. As I stitched, I prayed for the baby that would someday be wrapped up inside it. 

When I completed this project, I had a beautifully imperfect blanket. It was with a sense of accomplishment and pride that I held it. Instead of the feelings of anxiety and frustration about external circumstances, I felt so positive, fulfilled, and accomplished. 


BTW, I still utilize social media. My business handle is and my personal is chantelleallisa (on IG). Social media is a wonderful tool, when it is utilized correctly. 

Feeling anxious or depressed, here's your challenge. Put down things that make you feel anxious or depressed and pick up something that you can work with your hands. You will be surprised at the positive internal emotions you experience. 


And... if you want the pattern to this beauty. You're out of luck. I'm not sure this mess could be re-duplicated. 


Much Love,