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Enjoy Today

Enjoy Today

What's the most important part of a letter? Of the book-writing process? Of a road trip? Of any endeavor you set out to accomplish? Some would argue that it's the beginning - how you start sets the course for how you will continue. Others would argue that it's the end - it doesn't really matter how you start if you don't end up where you intended. Yet others would say it's the in-between that really counts.

I was reading some of my high school musings and came across this article I wrote for the LCA blog entitled “Milestones.” Check out this excerpt:

…I was reeling a little. I couldn’t believe that I was entering my last year of high school and that I, little Kelsi Marie Morrell, was starting college. But once that day came and I made the lengthy trek from my car to the American Federal Government classroom, I wasn’t scared and I didn’t feel weird. It was just…natural.

That’s the thing that gets me every time I face another big milestone in life. Though I may feel a few butterflies in my stomach, it’s never been an earth-shattering moment. It’s just… natural.

Still, those “first” moments in life are unforgettable – maybe your first day of high school, the first time you drove alone, your first date, or the birth of your first child.

Similarly, there are unforgettable “lasts” – the last time you slept in your “little kid” bed, the last moment of wearing braces, or the last time you see a loved one before they went to their reward.

Yes, there are certainly many firsts and lasts that are etched into our memories.

But what about today?

Did you notice how the sunrise cast a glorious light over the cold ground? Did you catch that little nugget of Truth in your routine morning devotion? Will you catch the extra sparkle in your little girl’s eye because something exciting happened at school? 

There are so many beautiful things in every day we are privileged to be alive. Yet many of us spend our entire lives looking for the end of our current chapter and the beginning of the next, all the while missing the treasure and joy of this moment.

So, go ahead – enjoy today.