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The Wonderfulness of Extenders

The Wonderfulness of Extenders

Hello to our wonderful ‘Nuggles customers and followers! Thanks for stopping by the blog one more time. I hope your week has gone well thus far. 

You know, as people committed to dressing modestly, part of the “deal” is that we have to modify, a lot of the clothes we buy – unless they’re form ‘Nuggles, of course! Let’s all face it – there are a lot of dresses (and even shirts!) out there that are super cute and comfy, but they just aren’t long enough in hemline or high enough in neckline. That’s where LAYERS come in!

Honestly, I’m one of those girls who loves layering. I wasn’t always like this, and I don’t know where it started… But there’s just some sort of comfort in layering. Anybody else feel that way?

Anyways, one of my favorite ‘Nuggles layering pieces is the slip extender!

We’ve offered multiple options for slip extenders, involving different lengths, fabrics, and colors. Cotton, lace; 27” and 31”; navy, cream, white, black. I think my favorite is the lace slip extenders from last year.

Isn’t it lovely? It added just enough color to my all-black dress, and the lace was made me feel a little bit like a princess. JThe slip extenders are light, and although wearing one adds another layer, it doesn’t feel bulky or in-the-way at all.

One of my favorite things about the slip extenders is that they have multiple layers of ruffles! Of course, the number of ruffles showing varies based on several factors, but I love being able to adjust the number of ruffles by moving the slip extender up or down. You know how it is – some outfits look better with multiple ruffles, and some look better with just one!

I cannot take credit for this, but there is a non-conventional way I like to wear my slip extenders – to make shirts longer! I really love the effect this adds to my outfits, particularly sweaters. It works really well if you’ve got a 27” extender, but with only a few safety pins, you can make it happen with the 31” extender as well. I’ve gotten so many compliments when I wear the extender in this way – I bet YOU will, as well!

Just a fun side note: I was actually wearing the extender when my (now) fiancé proposed to me. *insert heart eyes* Honestly, the lace that was “added” to my sweater was the perfect touch to my outfit.

How has YOUR ‘Nuggles slip extender completed your outfits? We’d love to hear from you! Also, don’t forget to tag us in your IG photos when you’re wearing! We love, love, LOVE to hear from our customers! 

Ciao for now,