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The Vintage Stables

The Vintage Stables

Hi friends! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer break (if you get one, that is)! 

If you follow our IG page (, then you see the updates on our physical booth in Sand Springs, OK. It's located in The Vintage Stables on Main Street, which is just as fun and quaint as it sounds!

There are also several antique knick-knack shops along Main Street, and a cute little place called The Yellow House. An old-school diner called Boom-a-Rang is right across the street, plus a place where you can buy DIPPIN' DOTS! Although, I haven't pinpointed their exact hours of operation... Haha.

I love to go there each week and see what loveliness the folks have setup for the entrance! It's always fun to chat with the Native American family that runs the store. They are super nice people. 

That arch though! *heart eyes*

Most weeks, I browse the aisles to see what the other booths have updated in their spots. It just amazes me how creative some people can be! I've founded some pretty great stuff in there, which is not very safe for my budget! 

And of course, I enjoy getting to see some new and some familiar faces of our customers as I restock and tidy up our spot. It seems that I almost always come at a time when people are trying to shop, which strikes me as quite humorous.

Dear customer: if you're reading this now, and I've ever gotten in your way, please accept my sincere apologies! :) 

If you've never gotten the chance to visit our booth at The Vintage Stables on Main Street, you really should. I think the experience will be well worth your time. For our out-of-town customers, it'd be so great to have you visit us if you're ever in the area! 

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Until next time,