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The Midi Skirt!


It’s been awhile, I know - my apologies. Let’s just say the life of a school teacher is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! But, oh how I’m loving it. JMaybe more on that some other time.

Some might say that it can be difficult to find comfortable, yet semi-professional pieces to wear to work. But thanks to Nuggles, it’s not that way for me! One of my favorite, most-often worn pieces is the 31” midi-skirt.

My niece Kinsley and I in my classroom, featuring the dark gray midi

I wear one of my 31” Midis to school nearly every day. I wish I could have this skirt in every color. I’m getting pretty close. :) But it is simply perfect. I wear it at my waist, not my hips, and at my 5 feet and 4.5 inches, this skirt reaches about 4 inches below my knees when seated. What a wonderful feeling! Honestly, if I wore it at my hips, it would be ankle length. Such versatility!

I especially love this year’s round of premium cotton skirts. They wash and wear so well. I’ve had no issues with them, in any way. I haven’t quite pin-pointed what it is that I love so much about the material. Maybe its soft thickness, its stretchy-ness, or maybe something else. I just know it is oh-so comfy.

Sis. Kristen Waldrep and I, featuring the olive midi and the burgundy midi

I’ve got some teacher friends who love this skirt as well. :) Though some get the 27” due to personal preference or height, we all love this skirt around LCA.

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What’s your favorite way to you wear your Nuggles Midis? Send us a photo, tag us on social media, or comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

Ciao for now,