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The Gracelyn Dress

The Gracelyn Dress

You know those outfits that are just “go-to’s” – you can wear them practically anytime, no matter what the occasion? Well, let me tell you – that’s what customers are saying about our Gracelyn Dress! 

Personally, I know the Gracelyn Dress is just crazy comfy, and it requires zero layering. Yes, that’s right – zero layering! It’s not see-through in any way; the neckline and lengths are perfect; the cut is modest and flattering. Seriously, what more could you ask for? 

So, let’s see what others are saying!

“In a perfect world, this dress would come in about 15 prints so I could wear it every day and still look different. I love it SO MUCH!


“The Gracelyn dress truly is the perfect go-to dress! The material is soft and stretchy, the length is perfect, and the cut is flattering. Really, it’s my very favorite Nuggles item. There’s absolutely no layering required, which makes it all the better! It’s easy to dress up or down, and it’s comfortable anyway you wear it! I recommend it 1,000%!" 

-Kaylen Waldrep, College Student


“The Gracelyn dress from Nuggles is one of my favorite things to wear. It is soft, comfortable and the perfect length.

"I love that I do not have to layer with this dress at all! It’s great for everyday wear, but it’s versatile enough for work, church or date night. I definitely need a few more of these in my closet.”

-Tiffanie Bailey, Teacher

Thank you, Kaylen and Tiffanie, for sharing the great feedback!

What do YOU think of our Gracelyn dress? Let us know in the comments below!

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