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Something in the Air

Something in the Air

How is it that a change in the weather has such a huge impact on our minds, even altering our moods and habits? It doesn't seem fair that nature gets to dictate whether I feel like cleaning or not, now does it? Ha, but that's exactly what happens when springtime comes around! 

The laundry stays caught up more often, the counters and floors maintain their shine longer, and "all the things" stay put in their proper places. Oh, what a wondrous thing that spring does to us!

Spring fever even seems to be great for our health. With nicer weather, the outdoors seems to call our names. Picnics, bike rides, sunrise and sunset watches, evening strolls - they are so much lovelier when you don't have to wear 5 layers of clothing to stay warm.

The bold, luscious colors of fruits and veggies seem to cry out for freedom from their store-bin prisons. Oranges, cantaloupes, squash, apples, zucchini, grapes, broccoli, strawberries, carrots, mangoes, cucumbers... Oh my! Plus, when you just browse online at the store ads, you can find some SUPER good deals on those healthy options that usually don't fit too well in a budget. 

But beware - it doesn't seem to last for long. Spring fever goes as suddenly as it comes, and soon it will be uncomfortably warm and life will become so busy that cleaning and calm family time will be pushed to the back burner.

So, while the laundry, dishes, and piles of randomness may demand for your attention (and that's a good thing!), don't forget to take that stroll through the park with your kiddos, or wake up a little before the dawn to watch the beautiful sunrise while you enjoy a solo, exhilarating jog.

It's springtime, after all! 😊

À bientôt,