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NEW Lydia Top - 3 Colors!

NEW Lydia Top - 3 Colors!

You know those days when nothing seems to fit right, and you just want something that won't cling anywhere in any way? What about when you've had too many days of ruffled shirts, and just want something simple, comfy, cute, and of course, modest?

Well, say hello to our new Lydia Top!!

Let me tell you, this new design is COMFORT to the inth-degree. The mix of rayon and a little spandex makes for a light, breathable top that is perfect for so many activities. This definitely needs to be added to your wardrobe for the coming summer days!

It's a perfect go-to for a girls' shopping day or for nearly any outdoor activity. The cut is very loose, again making it the best shirt for those "nothing-fits-right" kind of days! 😉 You can even dress this top up a bit with a cute skirt and some heels, yet still have a lovely, comfortable top. Such versatility!  

Yours truly, #notmodeling a bike and the LOVELY Lydia Top!

This top comes in 3 colors: classic black, a brilliant blue, and a deep gold. I have the Lydia Top in blue and gold, and I can already tell they will be frequently worn. I've already had to force myself to find a different top to wear, lest someone think that they were the only shirts I had clean for the week. #honesty

Moi again, getting ready to go on a nice bike ride after work

Side note: The bike ride didn't end up so nice... but it had NOTHING to do with the shirt! Haha.

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