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When considering a title for this post, "New!!!" was simply the most appropriate. "Why?", you might ask, well, I am so glad you did. 'Nuggles has so many NEW things coming and I am delighted to introduce them to you.

For starters, I would like to introduce myself, the NEW face at 'Nuggles. My name is Natasha Copeland, but I prefer to go by Tasha. Why is it important you know me? You will be speaking to me if the need arrises to contact our customer service line via phone or text message. I am also a respondent to your emails via the "Contact Us" page on our website. So, now you all have a face to go with a name, let's get to the really exciting new stuff.


We are very excited about our new products coming this week. And we think you will be too! A majority of the new shipment will be held back for two upcoming local shows. We will have a limited number of items on the the website Wednesday, November 9th, for those of you that are not local. Stay tuned and check back often if you are hoping to snag something! After our local shows, the remaining inventory will be made available online. However, we can not guarentee that we will not be sold out! So act fast once they are live! We promise you will not be disappointed! The new line is GORGEOUS and our best yet. I am pretty sure I want one of everything coming. My closet is quickly becoming all 'Nuggles.

Next New. This blog. We are going to be re-starting our blog. We hope this blog can be a place where our 'Nuggles family can come and enjoy. We hope to feature different people that inspire us to become better, recipe swap, encourage like minded ladies, family stuff, fashion advice and inspiration, and of course we have to have some humor. We will also, at times, have different promotions and coupons. elf-640x1240

Although it's not NEW, it is still in the baby stages. So we will call it new. Our local shop is set up inside the Market, located at 81st and Harvard in Tulsa. If you stop by, don't forget to browse our clearance items at amazing prices! Occassionally, we will have items in store that have not launched or available on the website. You may be surprised at what you find on occassion, boutique headbands and boy's bow ties. Needless to say, if you are local, you need to come check us out!

Well the time has come and this post must come to a close. Until next time. Have a fantastic day!

  Best Regards,   'Nuggles