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Honoring the Price of Freedom

Honoring the Price of Freedom

After the Civil War in the United States, the people began to set aside a day to honor those who died in that tragic war. However, as the US found themselves entangled in World Wars I & II, the list of those who died for freedom's sake, not just for their own country but for many others as well, grew larger. In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday, celebrated on the last Monday of May.

It isn't a secret that holidays are often so commercialized that we can forget their purpose. Holidays are wonderful for paid days off work, time spent with family and friends, great food and times of laughter. And none of those things are bad. 

Yet, on this day after Memorial Day, I can't help but wonder how many United States citizens that have not been directly affected by the loss of lives in war actually took some time yesterday to be thankful for the price paid for their freedom. 

Though we could all find many faults in our country, we have something that people all over the world would and have died to possess - freedom. As we return to our work schedules and our busy lives, let us not forget to be thankful for one of the greatest gifts we could have as humans.

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