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Feature: 5 Tips To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Feature: 5 Tips To Stay Healthy During the Holidays
Hello Ladies! We have missed you all! Life has been extra busy these last two weeks. So busy, we weren't able to post last week. The irony is that our the blog post was about Organization. (HA HA) When I was younger, my Grandma had a mower that she would let all of us Grandkids drive around the property. It had a stick shift that would control the speed. You had the "Turtle" that was the really slow speed, the in between speed, and the "Rabbit" fun, fast speed. That is what I feel like we are on, the Rabbit speed. Holidays sure are crazy with so many activities. Many of the important things in our lives tend to slide. Today, we are excited to feature one of our good friends with some advise on Staying Heathly during the Holidays. winklersBefore/After   Five ways to stay healthy during the holidays!!  
  1. Get some sleep ladies!! Yes busy moms I'm talking to you too!! I know you have shopping to do, errands to run, babies who need you and the older kids are fighting; your hubby needs your attention and your relatives are coming in from out of town; the house is a reck and you have Christmas parties to plan for and church activities you are involved in BUT YOU NEED to find some time to shut everything off and get some sleep. Did you know that the lack of sleep can be related to weight gain. When we don't get enough sleep it impacts our hunger and fullness hormones and one specifically called ghrelin. This hormone signals our brain and tells us when we are hungry... when we are tired our body makes more of this hormone. So guess what, we think we are hungry when in reality we are exhausted.
sleep 2. Drink more water! I meet ladies all the time that tell me there are days they go without a single glass of water. Stop and think, is that you?? Proper water intake is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle. Most nutritionists will tell you to drink half of your body weight in ounces (If you are 140 pounds you need to drink 70 ounces of water daily.) Water helps in every single area of our body and without it we don't function properly. We start to feel sluggish and worn down. Water helps keep us full and allows our digestive system to work more efficiently. Instead of reaching for a snack go drink a bottle of water. H203. Don't skip meals... in fact eat more often!! Starving yourself is extremely unhealthy and will eventually lead to you over eating. Plan your meals and eat more often throughout the day. Meal planning and prepping has helped me so much. I start with a glass of water every morning and then I have my Shakeology a half hour later. I pack a healthy snack like a small portion of fruit and yogurt, veggies and hummus or some nuts to have in between my meals. I prepare my healthy lunches for the week and take them with me. This saves me time and money because it's done and off my mind and I won't have to run through a drive thru. I have another healthy snack after work and then I plan my dinners for the week so I have the groceries on hand and ready. The more prepared you are the more likely you are to stay on track. weightgain4. Use portion control. Try to cut back when filling your plate this Christmas. Think about what you really want to eat and don't go for the options that you don't absolutely love. Say no to Granny's fruit cake if you would rather have the pumpkin pie (she won't even notice😉.) Here's something else I've learned to do... if you know that you plan to indulge and will be eating more than normal then be extra careful the day before and the day after (skip a carb and a fruit on both days.)
portion control5 . Get some exercise.. yes I said it. Exercising does not have to take very long or be very difficult, make it fun. Go with the family for a walk around the neighborhood. If you can't find just 30 minutes in your day to get in a good workout then find ways to add movement to your everyday activities. Be creative, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park the car further away from the store entrance, stand while working on the computer or scrolling through your social media. healthyheart
If you would like more healthy tips, advice, sample meal plans or would like to learn more about Shakeology and other Beachbody programs I've used to help me on my journey, email me and let's chat. I would love to help in any way I can!! 
Stephany Winkler Diamond Beachbody Health and Fitness Coach IG - fit.tastic_steph FB - Stephany Winkler 
I hope you all enjoyed Stephany's tips and have a relatively healthy holiday season or are even able to get the stick shift out of the turtle and on it's way to the rabbit in the health lane. I know following Stephany is a motivation and makes me want to be better. Make sure you check her out for daily tips, tricks, drive, and enthusiasm.
"Wake up with determination. Go to bed with Satisfaction"
Much Love,