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Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.

Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.


I have no rights in life. Only privileges. Remember that the next time you are hurt and upset.


Entitlement is personality trait that is inherent in individuals who enjoy a large amount of success and prosperity. Believe it or not, you are more than likely in the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest individuals. It’s hard to fathom this because most of us feel as if we don’t have enough money and often we live paycheck to paycheck. According to Global Rich List, an annual income of $32,400 places you among the top 1% of the WORLD’s richest.


Furthermore, our generation has not had to endure hardships like previous generations. We didn’t have to pioneer and settle a new land. We didn’t have to fight in a World War. Yes, there are hardships associated with living today, but comparatively, we live an easy life. In short, we enjoy a lot of success and prosperity.


Because of this success and prosperity, we feel that we are entitled. WE DESERVE IT, whatever “it” is. This mentality works great for us, until we don’t get “it”. In the void of “it” we experience so many negative emotions… anger, hurt, resentment, distrust.


In the midst of this, it would be reminiscent to not address a scenario that is equally as common in the world in which we live. This scenario is perhaps more relatable to many who may be reading this blog. As individuals, we often pour ourselves into various pursuits. We work hard. We expect results. And we expect recognition when we achieve our results. What happens when the recognition never comes? Negative emotions? Although it subtle, we have an entitlement mentality.


So here’s a truth in life. Only those who don’t have an entitlement mentality will become successful in life. It’s difficult when I feel that “I deserve it”. But the truth is, I have no rights in life. Only privileges.