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Essential 3/4 Tees - NEW Colors!

Essential 3/4 Tees - NEW Colors!

While in the pursuit of modesty, it can be so frustrating for a shirt to require 12 safety pins or another extra layer or two just to cover a decent amount of skin! Do you ever wish you could just throw on a shirt and go, maybe only adding a pretty scarf to dress it up a little? Yes! That sounds lovely.

But where on earth can you find a shirt like that, much less in several different colors and patterns at different times of the year?

Look no further! That is exactly what you can get with our Essential 3/4 Tees. Let me tell you, if you've never invested in one or more of these, you don't want to wait any longer!

I have one of them (you know - limited college budget, ha), and I am planning to invest in more very soon. It has been one of the best additions to my wardrobe!

But just imagine the possibilities! You can throw it under that new lace top, and you don't have to worry about the sleeves rolling up or the neckline being too low. With a perfectly sized Essential 3/4 Tee, you can throw a cozy cardigan or shrug over it, and not worry about it being uncomfortably form-fitting. 

They are long enough to not need constant readjusting, and they are made of wonderful material that feels great against your skin. On top of all that, they wash and wear very well.

We have some great spring and summer colors available right now for only $13.99! Folks, that's a steal for a good, quality modest tee. Click over to our online shop or come by our booth at the Vintage Stables to get yours!

Ciao for now,