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DIY This Valentine's Day

DIY This Valentine's Day

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm this winter. I know our 'Nuggles friends are from all over the U.S. and abroad, and many of you probably experience much colder weather than Oklahoma will ever get. But my goodness, it was bitter cold this weekend! I will be happy once spring weather shows its lovely face and sticks around for a good while.

But before spring gets here... We have Valentine's Day! I hope you took advantage of the Valentine's Weekend Sale!! If not, don't worry - we've still got some great stuff on clearance. Be sure to click over and check it out before it's all gone!

Do you ever wonder what on earth to do for Valentine's Day gifts? I mean, it's usually fairly easy to get something for your spouse, your parents, or your kids. But sometimes you want to do something fun and simple for others in your life - maybe a young person you've taken under your wing, or your child's classmates.

Then there's the cost factor. You may want to do something special, but money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees! #clichealert That's why Do-It-Yourself gifts are so wonderful! They can be a lot of fun to make and a lot of fun to receive! 

So regardless of who you've got in mind or what your budget may be, I thought I'd share some neat DIY gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.

Heart Bookmarkers

For all those reading-lovers out there! These are SUPER easy, cute, and totally customizable! I know of several young ladies that would love to have a few of these. 

Click HERE for the instructions! You'll notice that the first set of directions are not in English, but just keep scrolling and you'll see English. :)

Pom-Pom Bouquet

Who doesn't love getting flowers?? I LOVE to, but it makes me sad because they die. I never would have thought of something like this, but I think it is SO cute! Now, I don't know how I would feel if I got these from my boyfriend... Ha! But, what a perfect gift for the little girls in your life!

You can find the instructions HERE.

Dry-Erase "I Love You Because..."

This super easy picture frame is a great idea for a spouse, child, or parent! I don't have kids, but I could imagine doing something like this for my kids and updating it every day with all kinds of different messages - serious and goofy! 

Click HERE for instructions!

Well, I hope those ideas gave you a little inspiration. Only 2 more days left before you give out your little gifts of love. :) 

In all seriousness, don't forget to take a moment this week to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. We sure do have a tendency to take things for granted, but special days like Valentine's Day give us an opportunity to let people know they are loved and appreciated!

Ciao for now,