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DIY Benzley's Frayed Flower Quilt

DIY Benzley's Frayed Flower Quilt

Benzley’s Flower Quilt

If you are a Do It Yourselfer like me, you love perusing through Pinterest ideas. And if you’re like me, you’ve saved more ideas to try than you’ve actually tried. With three kids under the age of seven in our home, time is definitely a leading factor for not attempting these ideas. BUT… like most things in life, we make time for things that are important to us.

New baby = New project.

A very exciting thing happened in our world recently. My older sister, Lashel, is expecting her first baby! This in itself is exciting. But taking into considering that she WAITED FOREVER to have a baby, this makes it even more exciting.


Since this baby is so special, I wanted her to have a special baby quilt. So I turned to Pinterest to look for ideas. Although there is a plethora of neat ideas on Pinterest, I decided to use an idea from a quilt gifted to my daughter. This quilt was made by a very special lady, Bonnie Short. All three of my children have been blessed to receive a quilt from her. She makes some of the best. And they are so special. Unfortunately, she doesn’t sell them.


Next begin the process of selecting fabrics. Since I wanted to make it special, I decided to contact a few family members that Lashel loves and ask them to send me fabrics. I used these fabrics along with my own fabrics and Great Grandma Gordon’s fabrics to create each block. Some of the fabrics I received weren’t quilting cottons. Some of them were knit and sheer fabrics, which made me a little nervous at first. But once cut, they seemed to work.


The blue knit fabric from this block is from my Grandma Featherson. She sent me her Boise State University shirt.



These blocks are using my Grandma Meyers fabrics combined with two flannel fabrics from our mom.



Where have you been all my life...

I had half of the blocks cut out when I decided that it was taking too long. My husband recently bought me a Cricut Maker. This machine is amazing, if you are a crafter and don’t have one, you need one. I took my hard copy flower blocks and imported them into the Cricut Design Space. I then added cut lines to help fray the edges. If you can do the fray cuts on the flowers before sewing them on, it makes it so much easier. And using Cricut to cut them, makes it even easier. I learned this the hard way.


Follow this link for the Cricut Flower Template for Benzley’s Quilt.


The background fabric selected for this was from Hobby Lobby. It is newspaper print that discusses flowers. How appropriate.


For my backing I selected a soft, white minky. I love adding minky or something similar to the back of my quilts because it makes them so warm. But it does make quilting a little more difficult. Here’s when I wish I had a long arm quilting machine… maybe someday.



Since the flower blocks fray and have a good chance of coming off, I quilted around each flower block to decrease the chances that washing makes the flowers come off. Incidentally, I did not like how the leaves turned out. I have adjusted the leaf pattern to wider and shorter, since I think this looks nicer. 


Lucky for me, Grandma Meyers came to town. She helped me finish the quilt in time to gift it my sister for her baby shower. This made the quilt all the more special.


The only bad thing about making such a special gift for someone else… you want to keep it when it’s done.


Until next time,