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Dear Customer

Dear Customer

Don't worry, this is not the "Dear John" letter of boutiques. Quite the opposite, actually!

On behalf of Mr. & Mrs. 'Nuggles and our entire team, I just wanted to take some time and let all of you know just how awesome you really are. That's right - YOU, our customers! 'Nuggles has grown above and beyond what we could have expected, and it's all because of YOU. But more than just supporting a business, allowing it to flourish and grow...

A dream to provide attractive, affordable, modest clothing to women and girls is not an easy attainment. But because of YOU, we have been able to do that for people all over the United States, and even reaching beyond our borders. 

Here are just a few more reasons why YOU are awesome:

  1. YOU give us feedback. We are so happy when we hear from our customers! The good and the bad – it all works together to make us better for YOU!
  2. YOU spread the word. We can’t say thank you enough for getting the word out about ‘Nuggles! That’s the only way this dream could continue to be a reality. The more people that know what we are offering, the more people we can serve!
  3. YOU help us grow. That’s right! Some of YOU have “caught the vision” so to speak, and whether it’s through joining our team or simply helping us in other ways, YOU have been the vehicle for this dream to spread as it has.

Of course, those are just a few things – I could go on, but you get the idea! 😊 Oh, and one last thing…use coupon code “thankyou2018” to save 15% (Thursday-Saturday).

Before I go, I must mention one exciting thing. THIS WEEKEND ‘Nuggles will be in Oakdale, LA at “The Bread of Life Dream Center” where Pastor Beard and the Oakdale Apostolic Church will be hosting the 2018 Oakdale Youth Rally. So, if you’re in the area, come by and see us!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!