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Can Anyone Say NEW?

Can Anyone Say NEW?

Over the last several weeks, 'Nuggles has done a lot of new stuff. We've opened a new booth, sold *new* prints of *old* favorites, and put out a lot of *new* favorites! If I were to attempt to point them all out, I'd have much too long of a blog post, but I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite *new* things from the last 2 weeks. :)

New Location!

We were so excited to get a booth at the River City Trading Post in Jenks. If you like browsing through all kinds of local vendors, from antiques to homemade goods to fancy signage to furniture, this place is for you! 

Thank you to all of our customers that have come to check out our booth here! Of course, we've still got the one in Sand Springs, so no matter which side of town you're on, there's surely a booth in reasonable driving distance. :)

Note: At both our locations, everything is 30% through the end of the year! Perfect for shopping for the holidays! There is a variety of all of our products at both booths.

The Milo Dress!

This dress quite possibly could be my favorite piece we have ever sold, particularly the plaid print. All three of the prints are lovely, and the materials (though slightly different for each print) are soft and so comfy!

Of course, the lengths and neckline are perfect, so no layering is required. The high-low is such a cute cute, but it's hard to find items that have a modest "high" - no need to worry about that with the Milo! 

And last, but DEFINITELY not least... It has pockets! Honestly, you can't get much better than all of that. :)

The Marie Top

This top is just perfect. It has a similar cut to the Taylor top, which is an all-time favorite for customers. It doesn't cling, and the sleeves and neckline are perfect, so no layering is required. But, there are a few different.

First of all, just look at those ruffles! The new design is perfect for an even more feminine and formal look. The sleeves are more fitted, preventing them from sliding down all of the time. The material is amazingyou just have to feel it to understand! The Marie Top is definitely one that you don't want to miss!

There are just so many new things, but they are going fast! If you haven't gotten at least one of our new items yet, I encourage you to do so while we've still got some to offer! PLUS, most of it is on sale now for the holidays! What could be better?

What's your favorite *new* thing 'Nuggles has done over the last couple of months? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Ciao for now,