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Best Roast EVER!

Best Roast EVER!

Raise your hand if you love a good home cooked meal!

Yes, that's pretty much all of us! I wanted to take the time and share with you one of my all time favorite meals...EVER! Roast. Now I use to cook my roast a completely different way until I was served this roast and let me tell you, I'll never go back. 

First I'll give you a list of the ingredients and then explain how to make this scrumptious meal. 


Chuck roast

Cream of Mushroom soup (3-4 cans)

Lipton Beefy onion soup mix

Sweet Yellow Onion (optional) 

Dash Garlic Powder

Dash Salt



Pour oil in cast iron skillet and heat up. Dry rub on the roast one of the packages of the Lipton's mix on the roast and dash of salt. Really rub the seasoning into the meat. 


Dry Rub

In crock-pot, mix other package of Lipton Mix, cans of cream of mushroom soup, garlic, and salt together. Once oil is hot, sear both sides of the roast in the oil giving it a nice brown look. Add your Roast in the crock-pot. 

Roast in Pot

Dice onions in strips and place around the roast.


Place cover on Crock-Pot and cook on low 6-7 hours until desired tenderness. 

When serving take roast out and place in serving dish and pour part of gravy on top to keep moist. Place onions in a serving dish.Gravy will already be done once you remove the roast. Serve over mashed potatoes and of course make sure you dip your roll into that yummy goodness. 

Finished Meal

TIP #1-I tried several different times to cook carrots with my roast, but it changes the flavor drastically and makes the gravy less thick. I suggest cooking your veggies and potatoes in a separate pan. 

TIP #2- Depending on how big your roast is the amount of cream of mushroom soup you want to add. I usually buy a smaller roast for our family and only add 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup. The larger your roast then add an additional can. 

MOST IMPORTANT TIP- First important step in the best roast of your life is purchasing a Chuck Roast. The fats in the meat makes your meat so much more moist and all sorts of deliciousness. BUY CHUCK ROAST

Tip #3- My favorite Garlic Powder is Lawry's Garlic Powder with Parsley


Guess what is on our menu this week. Yes, Roast! 

I hope you all find this recipe helpful and you and your family enjoy this meal as much as myself.

Until next time.