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...and Thank Your Weatherperson!

...and Thank Your Weatherperson!

What is the deal with all of these random holidays? You know, you'll see posts all over social media proclaiming that it's "National Dump Your Significant Jerk Day!" (yes, that's a thing... and it's today, in case you were wondering) OR you'll get an email from IHOP telling you to come enjoy "National Pancake Day" with them. I think there is some kind of holiday or awareness for each day of the year. 

So, what is today?


The weather people are definitely on the list of people and things we take for granted. What do our weatherpersons do for us? Why should we thank them?

  1. They inspire small talk. You know, for all of those awkward, uncomfortable moments in the elevator, in the waiting room, or at a spouse's family gathering.
  2. They help us (semi) plan our day. At least me. I absolutely cannot handle the cold, so I check the weather almost every day in order to be prepared for an onslaught of the mighty North Wind. 
  3. They save lives. Seriously! Think of those times when hurricanes, tornadoes, or winter storms threaten our safe little worlds. Those weather people are the ones that are keeping us updated and giving us tips to stay safe and well.

And I'm sure there are a host of other things we could thank them for.

Unfortunately, I am informing you all of this much too late for you to call up your weatherman (or woman) and thank them for their service to you and your family. So, I thought it would be good to give you a heads up for tomorrow's holiday.

Can anyone say...

Yes! Tomorrow is National Frozen Yogurt Day, so go visit your local Peachwave, Cherry Berry, Menchie's, or otherwise, and see if they've got a good deal to offer you! Even if they don't... You should definitely support frozen yogurt awareness and eat some. 😊

Happy trails!