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10 Things To Do on a Rainy Day

10 Things To Do on a Rainy Day

April showers bring May flowers…

Of course, your location determines how true this old statement is! Regardless of where each of us are, we experience rainy days at some point or another. Some prefer to not get out in the chaos that rain can cause, and others seem to gravitate towards it! I’ve been thinking… for those that like to stay in the comfort of our homes if possible, what on earth do we do with that time? So, I came up with a little list of some things I might do with that lovely home-time.

  • Play in the rain. YOU BET. Playing in the rain, though quite childish, is absolutely exhilarating! Especially if I’m at home and can go right back inside to change clothes. Of course, it’s much better when you have someone to play in the rain with (like kids… or friends… ha!).
  • Start one of the DIY projects I’ve been eyeing. I think most women have them, thanks to Pinterest. I know I’ve got at least a dozen DIY projects I want to do to spruce up my little apartment! I can’t even imagine having a whole house to fill with DIY projects!! >>insert pity for my future husband<<
  • Catch up on Bible reading. It’s easy to get caught up in life and neglect some of the most important daily disciplines as a Christian. Whether it’s a devotional or a Bible reading plan, rainy days are good times to stop and reorganize priorities!
  • Finish that spring cleaning project. Oh you know… like going through all the craft stuff I have managed to accumulate…
  • Curl up and read a good book! There is nothing quite like getting comfy next to a window with a favorite blanket, and reading a good book. Amen?

  • Go through clothes & shoes. Haha. Need I say more?
  • BAKE. Baking is great at any time. But seriously - what could be better than warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or pumpkin muffin with a cold glass of milk - WHILE the rain comes down outside? *warm fuzzies*
  • Organize photos. Now that we have the ability to carry a camera with us everywhere we go (thank you, smartphone!), most of us have SO many more pictures, and constantly have to back them up somewhere in order to free up space. Thus, our files become a big mess of unorganized memories. (That sounds rather depressing!) Rainy days are a great excuse to sit down and conquer that task!
  • Wash all bedding and pillow cases. Can’t lie. I’m guilty of not doing this nearly enough - aren’t you supposed to do it every week or something? Goodness.
  • Journal. This is something I really wish I would put higher on my list of priorities. It is so neat to go back and read my history, written by my own hand as a child and a teenager. What an awesome thing for future family to read as well, and be able to have even once I’m gone!

What about you? I’d love to hear what you all do on your rainy days!

Ciao for now,