A New Year…New Resolutions

Well….we certainly fell off the bandwagon on blogging the last few weeks of the year. (insert embarrassed emoji). Let’s just say it was a rough few weeks with lots of stress, little sleep, too much stuff to do, lots of love, fun parties, good church, good family time, fun presents…and the list of both good […]

Feature: 5 Tips To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Hello Ladies! We have missed you all! Life has been extra busy these last two weeks. So busy, we weren’t able to post last week. The irony is that our the blog post was about Organization. (HA HA) When I was younger, my Grandma had a mower that she would let all of us Grandkids […]

Feature: NineEighteen Roasters

With the holiday season in full swing and the cold weather settling in around us, my mind is drawn to many things; pleasant memories of Christmas’s gone by, the warmth of holiday parties and get-togethers, the joy of the season itself. In all of this, my thoughts go to one thing in particular: keeping warm […]

A Week of Thanksgiving

How has Thanksgiving managed to sneak up on us again? It seems like we just closed out last years’ Thanksgiving and ensuring Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. For me, Thanksgiving conjures up images of fat stuffed turkeys, buttery mashed potatoes, mounds of desserts, lots of time spent with family and friends, but most of […]

Feature: The Speedy Spatula

Happy Monday!!! In today’s world we are all so very busy and, at times, we struggle to provide a good home cooked meal for our families. It’s more convenient to go thru drive thru’s, eat out, or grab something to bring home. We’ve found a solution!! Today, we are featuring a guest who found herself in […]


When considering a title for this post, “New!!!” was simply the most appropriate. “Why?”, you might ask, well, I am so glad you did. ‘Nuggles has so many NEW things coming and I am delighted to introduce them to you. For starters, I would like to introduce myself, the NEW face at ‘Nuggles. My name is Natasha Copeland, […]

Oklahoma Ladies Conference (Tulsa, OK)

In the Tulsa area? We will be set up at the “Oklahoma Ladies Conference” November 11th & 12th at the Renaissance Hotel (71st and HWY 169). Friday 8:00AM – 6:30PM | Sunday 8:30AM – 11:30AM. Come see us!

An Affair of the Heart (Tulsa, OK)

In the Tulsa area? We will be set up at “An Affair of the Heart” November 18-20 at the River Spirit Expo Center (21st and Yale). Friday & Saturday 9AM – 6PM | Sunday 11AM – 5PM. Come see us!

Customer Service Line

Tired of sending emails? Call or text our Customer Service Line! 918-313-0200

DIY Tiered Bias Ruffled Skirt

DIY Tutorial (Ladies: S, M, L, & XL) Biased ruffle skirts have become very popular. Not only do they look very feminine but they also are very sliming. If you’re like me you love this sliming, feminine look. Unfortunately, for me, our budget has not allowed for purchasing these skirts, soooo… I made my own […]